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Digital Dome Classroom & Theater

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The Digital Dome uses state-of-the-art Digistar 7 technology from Evans & Sutherland to enhance learning experiences for visitors. With a diameter of 60 feet and seating for up to 184 people, the Digital Dome is one of the largest of its kind! Primarily used for field trip experiences, The Science Center also presents stunning 360° featured shows throughout the week for the public.

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Raising the level of science and math curricula, as well as providing learning opportunities in all subjects, the three dimensional graphics and surround sound enhances the overall learning experiences for students.

Science On a Sphere

Science On a Sphere

The NOAA Science On a Sphere® is a room-sized globe, providing visitors with visual instruction about science, the Earth, and the environment. Developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Science on a Sphere® uses computers and video projectors to display animated, 3-dimensional data onto a six-foot diameter sphere.

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Visitors can learn how specific environmental scenarios, such as storms, climate change and ocean currents, have impacts on Earth and the atmosphere.

Science Gallery


The Science Gallery contains an ever-changing array of science-related images and artifacts. Currently featured are real NASA astronaut food, a Space Shuttle Tile, and several other Earth and Space science related artifacts. Throughout the gallery, guests will also have a chance to enjoy hands-on activities Interactive units.



The Science Center has been fortunate enough to acquire two satellites. When you stop by for a visit, be sure to learn more about our Vanguard I satellite model (also known as the “Grapefruit” satellite) and the SolRad satellite (just remember to look up to find this one).

Discovery Labs


Our Discovery Labs feature fun lab-based hands-on activities for students on field trips, as well as themed activities for visitors during our special events!

Newton's Apple Gift Shop

gift shop

No Science Center is complete without a gift shop, where you can find all of your science-nerd items, sea life poppers, space shuttle zoomers, glow in the dark stars, and more!