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Unit 2: Backyard Ecosystem

The Amazing Bee

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Drawing of bees around a hive

Bees are a critical part of the human food chain because of all of the crops that they pollinate. The way they locate nectar is amazing! Learn the parts of the bee and how bees communicate to find food.

Animal Communication

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Cartoon owl sitting in a tree saying hello

If animals can make simple noises, why can’t they talk? Learn how our bodies produce sounds and turn them into understandable words, then see if you can communicate without using words!

Parts of a Flower

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Pink flowers

After learning more about flowers, you’ll go outside and find a flower to dissect (take apart and see all it’s cool parts).


Pollination: Bees & Butterflies

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Bee and butterfly around a pink flower

Learn even more about flowers, including how they are pollinated. What are some different kinds of pollinators? Which animals and insects pollinate your favorite foods? You’ll find out!


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Logo of a half sun with green leaves below

Photosynthesis is the backbone of the most basic and necessary relationships on earth. This lesson will explain how plants do this amazing process and it all happens in your backyard.