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Dome Shows & Schedule

Fall fulldome show schedule coming soon!

General Admission

Adults & Children (4+) » $8
Members » Free
CCPS Staff (1 per ID) » Free
3 & Under » Free

* Admission subject to change

Beyond the Sun

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JULY 13 | 4:00 PM
JULY 13 | 6:30 PM

Beyond the Sun: In search of a new Earth

While CELESTE is fighting off sleep in her room by reading a book on astronomy she receives an unexpected visit from MOON.
Together, they will enjoy a journey through the Universe to discover what exoplanets are and how they can be detected.
They observe rogue planets, oceanic worlds and super-Earths. Moon tells her about exoplanet hunters, who observe the sky in search of planets like Earth.
Many adventures are yet to come. But first she needs some rest. Celeste drops off to sleep waiting for the next visit of Moon.

Audience:  All Ages
Time:  26 min

Secret Ocean

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JULY 20 | 4:00 PM
JuLY 20 | 6:30 PM

Secret Ocean

Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, offers a breakthrough look at a secret world within the ocean that is perhaps the biggest story of all—that the smallest life in the sea is the mightiest force on which we all depend.  Alongside marine biologist Holly Lohuis, he invites viewers to dive into this whole new world that will leave them in awe of the beauty and diversity of the oceans – the source of all life on our planet – and inspire an even stronger desire to protect what they have either seen for the first time or perhaps re-discovered along the journey.

Audience:  All Ages
Time:  41 min

The Enchanted Reef

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JULY 27 | 4:00 PM
JULY 27 | 6:30 PM

Kaluoka'Hina: The Enchanted Reef

The vastness of our planet’s oceans guards unimaginable secrets. One of its most precious is Kaluoka’hina, the enchanted reef whose magic protects it against humans finding it.
Kaluoka’hina’s colorful inhabitants have thus always lived in peace… until the volcano erupts, and the spell is broken. Now it’s up to the young sawfish Jake and his paranoid pal Shorty to restore the magic of Kaluoka’hina.
Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon… But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the intriguing puzzles that Jake and Shorty have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever: the quest to save their beloved reef.

Audience:  ALL AGES
Time:  32 min

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